The Book of Romans

The following resources to answer questions and provide clarification when needed. (Please bring your own questions and insights to the study):

1. Romans:  A Video Series (48 Lessons on History, Meaning, and Application/Douglas Moo)

2. The NIV Application Commentary Romans (Douglas Moo)

3. The Pillar New Testament Commentary; Paul's Letter to the Romans  (Colin G. Kruse)

4. Concordia Commentary of Romans (Michale P. Middendorf)

5. The Lutheran Study Bible (ESV).

It is not necessary to purchase the above as I will post the study questions one week before the next session, but it is always good to have a study bible when reading the text and trying to answer questions.  

The Lutheran Study Bible ESV is recommended but not required.  

If you desire to purchase a commentary The Concordia Commentary of Romans is recommended (there are 2 parts); available at Concordia Publishing House, but any of the above commentaries or commentaries you have, would suffice. 

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