COVID19 Guidelines


It has been a JOY to see our people gather together for worship as the COVID-19 Pandemic subsides!  Our attendance has been gradually increasing as people are getting back to gathering.  Part of our "new normal" is that we offer our 10AM Worship Online via YouTube.  Always remember...The Lord is our STRENGTH!  He is faithful to lead and sustain all of us!  Praise Him!

Most restrictions have been lifted as the country "opens up" and gathers together once again.  

At King of Glory, here's how things look now:

  • Restrictions have been lifted pertaining to social distancing, mask wearing, etc in our facility when we gather...for which we are thankful!  However, if you wish to wear a are welcome to do so!  Masks are available for those who wish to wear them.  
  • We are offering two Worship Services each Sunday morning: 8:00AM & 10:00AM.
  • The 10:00AM Worship in Live Streamed via YouTube at our website.
  • A special message for Kids is offered at our 10:00AM Worship gathering.
  • Singing to the Lord is, and has always been, part of our worship gathering.
  • Communion Distribution:  We have returned to our normal practice of receiving the Sacrament in the hand and using individual cups.  However, we are refraining from offering the common cup at this time.  
  • Christian Education for All Ages: Children's Church has resumed at the 10AM Worship.  Bible Classes have resumed both in-person and online throughout the week.
  • Vacation Bible School: We are offering an outdoor VBS on August 1 - 5, 2022 from 5:30PM (with optional dinner!) to 8:15PM
  • All Bible Studies, Meetings and Small Groups have returned to gathering as normal.
  • Wednesday Online Prayer will continue to be offered via each week at 7PM.


The onset of the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic in March of 2020 certainly brought much change to all of us.  In the midst of all of the often fast-changing health and safety landscape, we have all had to make adjustments to our daily life.  For some, there has been illness; for some loss of a loved one or acquaintance.  Some have lost their jobs, others have had to work differently.  It has been, and continues to be, a time a challenge.

In order for us to gather safely as a Church community, the King of Glory Church Council has formulated a Plan to help us gather together in our facility.




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


These past few months have certainly been a challenge.  But, through it all – the Lord is our Strength! The Lord has given us opportunities to continue to worship Him and to serve, love and care for our neighbors in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the most difficult things has been to not be able to gather together to Worship in our facility.  I am thankful that, through the use of technology, we have been able to connect with many new people, including those who do not normally attend a church.  This “online community” has been a blessing to us all these past few months and we are committed to continue this offering into the future.  While we have been able to gather for Online Worship and experience the uniqueness of Drive-In Worship Gatherings…those times can never replace our gathering together in person as God’s people. 


The time has come for us to gather together to worship in our facility again.  The Church Council and I have worked hard to ensure that the needs of ALL of our people are met as we gather together, both in person and online.  Many thanks to all who took time to answer the simple “Returning to Worship at King of Glory” Survey last May.  Your input in that survey, along with your shared comments via email, telephone and in person, has been of great help to our leadership team as we formulated of a safe plan to gather together in person again. Given the Survey information and in order to serve ALL of our people, we will provide several options for us to gather together for worship. 



8:00AM Worship at Church Facility (25-30 people, depending on seating)

10:00AM Worship at Church Facility with Children’s Message (25-30 people, depending on seating)

10:00AM Online Worship livestreamed via YouTube, Facebook Live, and our Website

6:00PM Worship at Church Facility (on “Pause” during this time.)



10:00AM Drive-In Worship at Church Property (No Services at Church that day.)

            and streamed Online Worship via YouTube, Facebook and Website

            (Holy Communion available at Church for Online Worshippers from 11AM – Noon)


For Those Who are Sick or Prefer to Remain at Home…our 10:00AM SUNDAY ONLINE WORSHIP will be available on YouTube, Facebook and later on our Website (  Our IT Director Dave Raymond will send you a link on Sunday.  If you are not on our email list, and would like to receive a YouTube link, let us know at


A Summer Worship Schedule begin in June and last through Labor Day.  Schedule will be published in May.  We also hope to have one Drive-In Worship each month as needed. 

Survey Results

There were a total of 54 responses to the survey.  I’d like to share the results of the Survey with you:


ANSWER CHOICES RESPONSES                                                                                                      RESPONSES

I will come to worship at our Church facility as soon as we are able to do so.                                        22


Until there is treatment available for the COVID-19 virus, I prefer to stay home                        

and continue to worship online via Facebook Live, YouTube or Church Website.                                   12


Until there is treatment available for the COVID-19 virus, I prefer to

attend Drive-In Worship at our Church property when offered, and continue to

worship online via Facebook Live, YouTube or Church Website.                                                              14


I am not sure what I will do at this time.                                                                                                       6


In short, 22 responded that they are ready to return to worship at our facility; 32 indicated that they are not yet ready to do so.  This ratio most likely reflects the rest of our people as well. 


Serving ALL of our People

Our guiding principles in all things are Jesus’ commands for us to love the Lord our God, and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40; Mark 12:30-31) as well as His command to “love one another…By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35) In Christ, our responsibility as His Church is to love one another, especially in situations like this.   It is clear that not everyone is in the “same place” with regard to coming into the building at this time.  Some are ready right now; some whose health is compromised or who are unsure for various reasons, are not ready right now.  Both are valid, given all that we are learning as we are moving through this COVID-19 pandemic.  We pray that the Lord will guide the medical research and that treatment is found soon.  We trust in Him!


Gathering  at Our Church Facility…

We want to assure everyone that it will be “safe” to be in our Church facility.  New Kent County has had very few cases of COVID-19.  In addition, we are following the recommended precautions under the Governor’s “Safer At Home” Phase 2 Guidelines for Religious Services as well as recommendation by our Southeastern District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  We will abide by their recommendations as best as we are able.


Here’s how we will gather:

  •          If you are sick with any infectious disease or have been in contact with a person who has been ill with COVID-19 in the past 14 days…you are encouraged to stay home!   If you have any fever, cough, chills, sore throat, headache, shortness of breath, muscle pain, etc, please stay home so that you can get better!  You can join in worship online.  We will keep you in prayer.
  •          In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order 63, please wear a Face Covering while in the building.  If you do not have one, we have a supply available for you to use.  People who have respiratory issues, or other chronic breathing difficulties do not have to wear a mask, nor are children 10 years old and younger.  While this will be different…it will give us opportunity to show our care for those around us!
  •          Our Church facility is limited in size, which is always a challenge.  In  Phase 2, we are able to seat 25-30 people in our Worship space, depending on family groupings.  If needed, we will also use the Education Room for seating.  
  •          Seating will be different.  In an effort to maintain 6ft social distancing, several rows of seats have been removed and alternate chairs have been turned backward.  Families are, of course, welcome to sit together!
  •          Worship Service Bulletins will be on each chair.  Please take the bulletin home with you.
  •          Holy Communion will be celebrated at each Service.  The communion elements will be pre-packaged for you for individual use.  They will have been assembled safely by people wearing gloves and taking precautions.  If you desire to receive the Sacrament, you will be invited to come to the altar as usual. 
  •          There will be no Children’s Church until restrictions have been lifted.  A Children’s Message will be offered during our 10:00AM Online Worship only.  The Childcare Room will only be available with parent supervision.  Parents will be responsible for cleaning the room after use.
  •          Offerings will be gathered at the Welcome Table in the back of Church.  Thank you for sharing in supporting our work together!
  •          Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks will be available at the entrance door to the Church.
  •          Prior to and following Worship, frequently contacted surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. 


Thank You…for being the amazing people the Lord has created you to be.  The Lord has gifted us to be His people…His Church…for this very time.  Between the pandemic and all of its twists and turns, and the divisions in our country, the Lord has given us opportunity to again place our hope, confidence and trust in Christ Jesus alone!  He is the Way, the Truth, the Life! 


Whether we gather in person at Church or Online in our homes, may the Lord continue to bless us as we worship Him and receive Him in His Word!  We are a Church that Connects to God and His people…Grows in faith and love…and Lives through service and sharing…that ALL may know the LOVE of Jesus!



Pastor Larry